Sense Integration Partially working

Using Home Assistant as an unraid Docker. Version is 0.104.2.

  • I am getting the binary sensor data from the Sense Devices
  • I am getting the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage sensors
  • The only error files I receive relating to Sense is if it cant get to the Sense website and does not happen much.

My understanding is that I should also be getting the current power usage sensor items for each of the identified binary sensor devices.

I have validated the version of the Sense integration with the Home Assistant Sense Component Github.

I understand how the retrieval from Sense works and don’t need the back story.
I know there is a fork that occurred at some point in the last year and did not want to go that way.
Just need to know if this should be reporting with the current code.
If it should be working, how can I further troubleshoot?
Been researching for two weeks before I decided to ask.