Sensi Smartthings Integration not working?

Coming from Wink, I now use the Smarthings integration to pull Sensi thermostat data into HA. However it doesn’t seem to be working right as none of the states (temperature, humidity, hvac_action,
etc) are being updated. I can increase the setpoint and that gets delivered to the thermostat, but the other way doesn’t seem to be working.

I removed and re-added the smarthings integration several times with no effect. I do notice however that in the smartthing integration the Sensi device is not turned on. (that switch seems new, I can’t remember seeing it before) . Even turning it on does’t seem to help.

Anyone else seeing this or has an idea how to get the Sensi thermostat to report actual data?

Unfortunately the Sensi integration seems to be extremely finicky on reporting data back to SmartThings. As you observed, sending commands to the thermostat go through just fine, but it seems to only send status updated to SmartThings a few times a day. So far there doesn’t seem to be a workaround.

On another note, my thermostat randomly stopped responding yesterday saying it was offline in SmartThings. I went to remove and re-add it in “connected services” again in the new SmartThings app and when I tapped on Sensi it took me to the Sensi login page. Once I logged in, it instantly started working again without having to remove it. Still the same sensor data polling issues though.

If you don’t know where “connected services” is, open the new SmartThings app, pull out the left menu, tap the gear for settings, and it should be the third thing down.

Thanks, I usually only use the Sensi schedule, so I wouldn’t even notice if the control part isn’t working either :). I was hoping to get AC/furnace runtimes, but I guess I table this until that magical point in time where this is working reliably.

I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution? Temps are updated fine, and I can send in updates, but things like the hvac status (State) is not updated in SmartThings or HA.

It actually works better these days. I am not paying too close attention to it, but the state whenever I look seems to reflect reality. I am no longer calculating HVAC runtime, so I can’t compare it to Sensi’s numbers.

I’ve discovered the same problem with my Sensi thermostat via Smarthings integration not reporting control functions back to HA. It’ll work for several hours, then for no reason stop reporting “hvac_action”, then start again.

I was trying to calculate “run time” of my furnace for the ENERGY integration, by recording how long the thermostat goes into “heating” mode.

But it’s totally unreliable. Have you figured out a better workaround?

Furnace has been cycling all day.