Sensi Thermostats not discovered by HA

hi, I am new to HA,
I run HassWP and I was able to integrate both sensi thermostats, ST75C and ST55 and both were automatically discovered, Now I am running HS operating system using .vmdk in windows 10. None of the thermostats were discovered by HA integration, On ST75C, I had to reset the device and connect to network and just before I register the device on app it was discovered and I was able to add to HA. But I have no luck with SP55, I tried to reset the device then add to wifi and still not showing up, I added to Sensi app and then removed and still not showing up.

Why I had no issue with HassWP install and now with HA operating system, it gives me trouble.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I was struggling with this too and no official documentation said how to factory reset it.
For the ST55 you have to do a full hard reset holding Up arrow, Down arrow and Fan until the screen goes blank, then Home Assistant should see the thermostat as a HomeKit controller after you set it up again.

After years of fiddling, I finally got my sensi Thermostat into HA today. Assuming there wasn’t some software update recently I’m guessing it was because I connected the C wire.

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