Sensibo Aircon Integration - not initialising

Hi All

Recently purchased a few Sensibo Sky AirConditoining remotes/sensors.

They fitted into my HA environment well and have been working well in automations etc.

Early hours this morning something has changed as my HA said that all the sensibos had ghosted me. The sensibo app on my phone also was showing no devices.

After an hour or so the devices reappeared on my senisbo app but now many hours later the sensibo integration will not reload/initialise

When searching for my api on the sensibo api site the actual site appears to be dead.

Has anyone else seen any related disturbances in the force in the last 24hrs.


And just noticed in the logs:

“2023-12-05 14:12:41.702 DEBUG (MainThread) [pysensibo] Attempting get with path and parameters {‘apiKey’: ‘blahblahlbahblahblah’, ‘fields’: ‘*’}”

and strangely enough after I emailed sensibo tech support the api page suddenly came alive and my HA is now fully functional

case closed