Sensibo no longer updating Temperature Data - Unless I interact with aircon


Sensibo was working well, until a few days ago.

I did get a SensiboPure as well, and in trying to add this I think I broke something.
My Home Assistant doesn’t get the updated temperature in my home, unless I push a button for the aircon e.g. turn on fan, change cooling mode etc.

I’ve removed and re-added the Yaml config, as well as deleting th API key, and many HA restarts.

I’ve also not been able to see / control the Sensibo Pure.

My current “guess” is that having the Pure in my Sensibo Account has somehow broken something.

So, 2 questions

  1. Can I get the Pure to work in HA
  2. Why do my temperatures values no longer update unless I “refresh” them

Thanks in advance


Same problem… Got two Sensibo Pure’s in the NY sales.

I ended up just creating an automation that runs every 5 minutes to update the sensibo climate entity. It’s crude, but it works.