Sensibo Wrong Status Fix from Home Assistant

Hi Everyone,

As the sensibo users probably know by now,
The sensibo device doesn’t receive an actual feedback from the AC regarding it’s true state.

Unfortunately, that leads to untrusted states where the home assistant \ sensibo app shows one state while in reality it’s a different state (i.e. home assistant shows that the AC is on but in reality it’s off).

A. did anybody found a way to check if the AC is on? i have couple of ideas but i don’t like them
B. Let’s say i was able to figure the state. did anyone found a way to change \ sync the state from home assistant?

I saw this:

But didn’t quite understand where and how to use it.

Thank you

You can use a small door sensor like Aqara and put it on one of the blades of the unit to see if it is open or closed.

That’s what i did.
Thank you!