Sensirion SCD40 CO2 / Temp. / Humidity sensor with MQTT and HA autodiscovery

Recently I finished a new project (MoreSense MS-05) for measuring CO2, temperature and humidity based on an Espressif ESP32 and a Sensirion SCD40. The SCD40 is a relatively cheap and reliable sensor. The sensor has a built-in webserver to show the measurements, to do the setup and firmware upgrades. With HA autodiscovery the sensors will be added to HA automatically.

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This is great, currently I am thinking about building an air quality and ventilation automation on basis of Sensirion SCD30/40/41 so I am looking forward to details!

Hi, Lars
Could you please provide link to your repository if there is any ?

Repo/code would be amazing. My project (similar, but different) is currently on hold, but would like to restart.