Sensitivity Slider for Amcrest Camera

I was looking for the best way to achieve a setting % Slider in a device.

It would be really nice, but currently not a feature of amcrest is to set the sensitivty. The reason I want to do this is to change from day to night to rain the levels

But ha does not seem to have an analogue slider/switch?

At the moment I am having to use:-

  • one curl command as a command line sensor (getting camera setting)
  • One curl command as command line script (setting the camera)

Some input numbers and automations to push and pull

But… It seems so messy, and caution on the getting and setting that it does not become circular triggering and we initialise in the right direction

Is there no better ha entity to do this, that’s all self contained, that when I select 20% it sets to camera, and all rest of time behaves like a sensor?