Sensor a bit slow to respond

I have a Multisensor 6 which is connected via a z wave stick also from Aeotec. I sometimes find it a bit slow to respond, you can see the stats here:

I am wondering if it is the placement compared to my raspberry pi 3 or if it is the speed of the pi itself? It seems to have a lot of neighbors and also not a very high error rate.

check the config parameters and see if you need to adjust the reporting threshold or something else.

As I understand it report thresholds shouldn’t influence the speed of the motionsensor?

Report thresholds actually defines the threshold that needs to be crossed in order for an update to happen. Taking another look at the screenshot and I do see a pretty high last response and average. And as you mentioned the sensor is not next to the pi as node 1 is not a neighbor. Definitely moving it around will help as your device has an additional hop to get to the controller. Adding a powered node in between the device and controller can also help as well.