Sensor caching historical sensor readings ?!

Dear community,
I am sorry if that functionality exists but I didn’t knowing how to google for it correctly!
I have a lilygo TSIM 7600 Module connected to my cars obd2 port and delivering sensor data using mqtt to my homeassistant.
To preserve battery when the car is off, I only connect(to 4G wireless) from time to time to the homeassistant to deliver the newest sensor reading’s.
Yet the device is recordings the readings in the mean time as well and I would Like to “transmit locally recorded historical data” using mqtt or something else that you know Of, by attaching a time stamp in the past :slight_smile:
Is there a way to do so ?

Are we talking about ESPHome, here, or…?

How does it do that?

If the car is off, what useful data is being produced?