Sensor card for custom template sensor can't get history

I have a sensor (parent_sensor below) with attribute “last growth rate”, and I’ve created a template sensor in my configuration.yaml (new_sensor) to extract that value:

  - platform: template
            value_template: >-
                {{ states.sensor.parent_sensor.attributes['last growth rate'] }}

The new entity works and I get the value for this attribute correctly. When I click on the sensor to get the details it gives me a graph of the history of the sensor value. In the history tab the history for the new_sensor is recorded fully. At the bottom of that page where it shows graphs of all my sensors the data is displayed as well. But in my lovelace when I try to create a sensor card it tells me “No state history found”. In Grafana when I create a graph for that sensor it also tells me that no data is available. The parent_sensor works just fine in the sensor card and grafana. I’ve also set up an almost identical template sensor to get the temperature and humidity from my Mi Air Purifier that works as well. Anyone know why this new sensor just seems to not be able to display it’s history?