Sensor Card Graph Not Responding

Driving me crazy, I am not sure where to look but the data that drives the graphs on the Sensor Card is not changing. When I click on the graph and look at the red lined graph underneath it, it has the correct values. I was using mariadb, so deleted it and reinstalled it but it’s still the same. So now I have removed mariadb completely and am using the HA database. But it’s still the same…Does anybody have any idea where the data for the sensor card is stored and how I might start over…
Thank you…

Sure fact, it means it’s not a problem with the sensor, nor history, so unrelated to the DB.
Very likely an issue with how you configured the card itself.

Not enough data to help further.

The graphs have been working faultlessly for many months…I think I had a power spike and it shutdown HA temporarily…It seems to be since then…that why I thought maybe mariadb was to blame…I will leave it for another 12 hours to get all the data points for the top graph and see what happens…using the HA database…When I looked at the data from my phone the data for two different sensors looked the same…humidity and temperature…so something was fritzed !!

if you have data when you click on the entity in the ‘more info’ page, then the issue lies in your browser. CTRL+F5 should clear it up.

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If you had a spike, it might be that the graph auto-selected limits were widened so much that it might seem your graph is a flat line, indeed.

@petro Sorry to be a pest, I thought that was the solution but the graph after 15 hours has a very linear line where as the red graph underneath it when you click on it, the red one has fully populated curves…This is only happening on graphs that contain humidity where I have two deconz sensors…the temperature ones are fine…I have control f5 to no change…I have used other browsers…If I use the ios app, the graph goes from the linear line to a carbon copy of the temperature…Its very bizarre
One thing I have noticed is that, I have removed MariaDB again and using the HomeAssistant Database, in the integrations panel there is an integration called supervisor and within that it still has a device called MariaDB and several entities attached to it that I can not delete…Is this a bug as I have removed MariaDB from the installed addons…How can I delete these remaining entities