Sensor cards for different sensors show same graph

HA version 2022.11.1
HA companion version 2022.10.1

This problem has been going on since I started using HA, about 3 months ago.

An Ipad is running the companion app. A dashboard is showing temperature graphs for 4 rooms.

Every now and then, all 4 graphs are identical. If I switch to a different dashboard and back again, the graphs are updated with the real values.

Before refresh

After refresh

The solution is probably to use a “better” card than the sensor card, but I thought I’d report this in case someone else is experiencing the same problem.

there are multiple issues with iOs, I have cards that always need a refresh (e.g. meteo) and cards that do not show depending on the data behind it (apexchart1 fine, apexchart2 never). I moved to other cards to fix it for-me

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I have had this identical issue since at least version 2022.11, and not just on iOS devices but on macOS as well. So could this be some Safari issue perhaps? Have not really looked into it using other browsers on Mac but with Safari this happens all the time, and is fixed by changing the view or refreshing.

All “Sensor Card” entities in the page start show the same data after random number of seconds, and there seems to be no pattern in which of the graphs it chooses.

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