Sensor Config for Yale Smart Lock

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to HA and I’m trying to set up my Yale Smart Lock properly. I have it connected via the Z-wave module and I’m able to control it. What I can’t do is get all the additional information to display via a sensor. Everytime I try I get a notification saying:
Invalid config
The following components and platforms could not be set up:

  • Sensor
    Please check your config.

This is what I’ve added to the config file:

 - platform: template
      friendly_name: 'Front Door Status'
      value_template: >-
        {%- if is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "144") -%}
          {%- if is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "1") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 1
          {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "2") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 2
          {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "3") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 3
          {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "4") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 4
          {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "5") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 5
          {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level", "6") -%}
            Fob Unlock - 6
          {%- else -%}
            Unlocked by Unknown Fob {{ states.sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_level.state }}
          {%- endif %}
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "22") %}
           Manual Unlock
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "25") %}
           Unlocked by RF
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "21") %}
           Manual Lock - Handle Lifted
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "24") %}
           Locked by RF
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "27") %}
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "167") %}
          Low Battery Level
        {%- elif is_state("sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type", "168") %}
          Critical Battery Level
        {%- else -%}
          {{ states.sensor.assa_abloy_yale_conexis_l1_sd_l1000_ch_alarm_type.state }}
        {%- endif %}

Any help appreciated.


Is it the capital S in sensor ?

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Yes it was… Well now I feel stupid ha!
Thank you!

No probs, done plenty of similar things myself.

Do you have any tips on how to add the lock as mine seems to show up but cant be controlled

Once you add it as a node in zwave, all the entities should be available in the integration. What is showing up for you ?

IN the integration I have the following two items

AEON Labs ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 EU

Unknown Node 3

When i paired the device I didnt know I should have a key in the options and config files.
so I have added a key, perhaps I should unpair and re add?

The node shows this info

Yes you do need a key for a Zwave lock, try removing it and re-adding it

It it as simple as pressing the remove node in the software then pressing the button on the lock again?
Thanks for helping as this my first zwave device

Yes, it should be. Make sure you restart HA before re-adding

Just to check, i press remove in HA, then the button on the lock three times ?

then restart ha then add secure then press the button again three times ?

Yup, that’s it

Ok, its currently initializing and mentions door lock in the logs

fingers crossed !

2020-05-28 11:49:17.361 Info, contrlr, FUNC_ID_ZW_ADD_NODE_TO_NETWORK:
2020-05-28 11:49:17.361 Info, contrlr, ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, Basic device class (0x04) - Routing Slave
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, Generic device Class (0x40) - Entry Control
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, Specific device class (0x03) - Secure Keypad Door Lock
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC will be mapped to COMMAND_CLASS_DOOR_LOCK
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, Mandatory Command Classes for Node 4:
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_DOOR_LOCK
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_USER_CODE
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC
2020-05-28 11:49:17.378 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_VERSION
2020-05-28 11:49:17.379 Info, Node004, COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY
2020-05-28 11:49:17.379 Info, Node004, Mandatory Command Classes controlled by Node 4:

Still initializing 28 mins, wondering if thats normal ?

No, should be maybe 5.
Is the Zwave network Started ?

rebooted, it appears to be alive now, just waiting for someone to get home so i can try locking etc

It’s all working, thank you for your help, Now to get webhooks working so I don’t have to buy virtual keys