Sensor Entity from POST request

Hi there,

I bought one of the 1nce SIM cards as I have a Homeassistant instance complete offline and I want it to send a SMS when a leak sensor detects a leak.

My idea was to send an SMS to my mobile phone, but the IOT card does not send SMS directly to a mobile phone. But it gives the option to redirect it thorugh a REST request

More information here: SMS Forwarder Service

The 1NCE SMS Forwarder can forward MO-SMS messages and Delivery Reports (DLR) for MT-SMS towards a customer configurable URL. The 1NCE system acts as an HTTPS client. You will need to provide an HTTPS server endpoint to accept the request. Please specify the URL (+ port and/or path if applicable) to forward SMS to your application.
More documentation and sample requests can be found in the 1NCE Developer Hub.

My idea was to provide my Homeassistant instance as a server endpoint and a senso entity which reads the JSON genereated by 1nce and displays it

I think this might be possible with the REST API but I am strugling to do this. Does anyone have any tip how to make it work?