Sensor for Integration Startup Times?

Is there a hidden sensor option for the Integration startup times? I can view it from the last restart in Settings - System Repairs, but it would be nice to have a sensor for each integration that so I could add a graph to Lovelace to see how it changes over time. I would likely only add one for my slowest starting integration (Zigbee ZHA @29.39 seconds).

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Not sure what the link if for. What I’m asking for is a way to grab the numerical value of the startup times into an entity so I can display it in a historical graph. Obviously those values are stored somewhere.

From that page:

Want to learn about the individual startup times of your integrations? You can find them in the SettingsSystemRepairs page by selecting the three-dotted menu in the top right and selecting the Integration startup time item.

I don’t know if there’s a way to extract these as sensors in order to see a useful history.

And seems that some integrations are really speeding up HA: