Sensor for monitoring stove temperature (up to around 300° C)

Hello all,

I am looking for a sensor that I can attach to the exhaust pipe of my stove and transmit the measured temperature via Zigbee, ZWAVE or Wifi to Home Assistant.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a device that meets this requirement, since the temperatures can be quite up to 300 ° C.

Maybe I’m looking for the wrong terms or just unlucky, but I can’t imagine that I’m the only person who would like to measure the heat production of his stove.

What would also go, of course, is a heat-resistant sensor placed somewhere inside the stove, or a device that measures the heat of the stove pipe (or stove top, etc.) with infrared or something similar.

I’d appreciate any help - but my focus at the moment is on a ready-to-use device; a DIY with ESP32 or similar would also be possible as a stopgap, but I’d rather have a ready-made device.

Thanks a lot!

Those temperatures will require a thermocouple. The closest item to your need is:

Or if you want to go the DIY route after all, a contact-less infrared thermal sensor, like the Melexis 90614 to be used together with, for example, an ESP. The sensor goes up to around 380°C. It measures the IR radiation given off by the hot object, there is no direct contact.

There might be off the shelf devices using this (or a similar) sensor.

if you are going the DIY route you could also use this:

in conjunction with an ESP8266 NodeMCU.

I use that combo for monitoring my water heater and it works great.


Is anyone aware of anything like these solutions that’s ready to use without DIY? I want to put something on/near my gas grill and then couple it with a routine to let me know that the grill is still on. Weber may already have something that works, but it seems a bit complicated.

If you can find a location that will show the grill’s state, but at more ‘room’ level temperatures, you can use a bluetooth low energy temperature sensor with Home Assistant integrations. Still requires some DIY software work with your HA, but no hardware work.

I use such a BLE temperature sensor in a stove hood to detect if any of the stove burners are on. Temperatures do not get above 130 F in this location.

I use the device below, however, I have my own custom integration for this sensor. So verify that the BLE device you purchase is supported by the HA integration you are planning on using.

Good hunting!

Maybe you should share it and then the OP could just use that one you posted. (and me too… :wink:)

How accurate are those sensors? Outdoor rated?

Here you go. However, I would recommend starting with one of the HA integrations if you have your HA on a box where HA can get to the bluetooth adapter without issues. And that BLE adapters location is such that you will get a good comms signal between the remote devices and the HA server.

If that does not work or there are some aspects that you need to modify, then you can follow me down my rabbit hole. But be warned, this path requires :beer: & :wine_glass: :wink:

In my github repository you can see some measurement accuracy and speed data. As for outdoor rating, I have gone with model of : low cost sensor, run it till it dies and then replace. Out door units in this model have been running two years without failure so far.

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another tool in the toolbox if I find I need it.

And when it comes to the justification to the significant other, always remember that reverse logic can sometimes get past… “you need to build a new backyard BBQ in order to test out these new temperature sensors…”

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You can use this PT100 Sensor

together with the Dragino LTC2-NA.

I developed a custom sensor based on MLX90614ESF-DCI + lora for transmission, it works well
[GitHub - rusty-labs/lora-mqtt-gateway: Lora based mqtt gateway for Home Assistant](github lora-mqtt-gateway)