Sensor for power loss at a single outlet

I’m probably over thinking this, but is there a way to alert HA if I have a power loss (circuit breaker trip) at a single outlet? My sump pump breaker has tripped a few times (I also have an air compressor on that circuit). I’d like to alert HA if the circuit trips. Would it be as easy as plugging something like a Sonoff S31 into the outlet and alerting HA if it went offline due to lack of power?

Yeah, Home Assistant might report a state of unavailable if Home Assistant can’t find the plug for whatever reason (not just a power outage), so that’s worth a shot. Try it out, see what the state is in Home Assistant when you unplug it.

It looks like it just shows the latest state (on or off) when it is unplugged.

How long have you waited? Might take a bit.

I was looking at the state of plugs that have been unplugged for months.

The way I do this is rather complicated, but I don’t have to worry about an unknown status.
I have my alarm system integrated into my HA setup (and ISY) and I installed a relay hooked up to a breaker in my electrical panel and a zone in my alarm. This way if power goes out the relay drops which changes the state in that zone in my alarm which is monitored. Then I have HA (and my ISY) send a message to let me know power is out.

I have also used a UPS to get status of power, but sometimes they can send the alarm that power is out when they are doing a self test which is annoying.

I’ll have to check and see how responsive it is when I get home, but I believe what you’re looking for is this:

How is this outlet configured? Do you have an availability topic set?

The outlet has Tasmota on it. I’m not sure if it has an availability topic, but I’d assume it doesn’t. How can I set that?

For standard Tasmota, you can add these lines to your switch configuration:

    availability_topic: 'tele/YourSwitchName/LWT'
    payload_available: 'Online'
    payload_not_available: 'Offline'

Then your switch will change state to ‘unavailable’ when it’s offline.

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That worked. Thanks!