Sensor health

I have a zigbee window sensor that is a bit far away from the hassio server. right next to it is a power plug (active component, repeater). The power plug always works. The window sensor has just lost contact with the server without my noticing. Is there a possibility that hassio will notify me when a sensor looses contact? Just like a ping? There was no entry in the logs.

How did you notice that the sensor got offline? Did the state in HA change to unavailable? If so you cab write an automation that notifies you whenever the devices changes state to unavailable.

I open the window and the sensor didn´t respons.
Where can I see that a sensor is “available” or “uavailable”?

In the sidebar go to Developer Tools -> States and check the state of your entity there.

I’ve already checked there. Is it “on:true”?

Is the sensor available at this moment?
You should see unavailable in the second colum instead of off if the device is not available.

“off” is when the window is closed. "on = window open.
In this case I didn´t have the status available/unavailable? Or “on:true”?
p.s. the sensor works now. It took a couple of hours.

I know what the states mean. But this field should show unavailable when the device is not available, like this example from my system:

Check the next time it goes unavailable if you see the same state. If it still shows on or offyou probably won’t be able to detect unavailability easily.

I removed the battery on a sensor and waited 10 minutes, but the “not available” is not displayed.

How do you integrate the ZigBee devices into Home Assistant?

with deCONZ - Phoscon

It takes some time for battery powered devices to show as unavailable, because the stick doesn’t poll the state from this devices, instead the devices send a report whenever they are triggered and once every hour (at least the Xiaomi Door/Window sensors behave like this) So in the worst case it takes one hour for the system to notice that the device is offline (battery report sent, 1 min later device is unavailable, next battery report 1 hour later doesn’t get sent).
Remove the batteries for at least one hour and check if it still doesn’t show as unavailable.

Are these Xiaomi sensors? If so, they are very picky to which mains powered devices they connect to and once connevted they normally don’t dynamically change the route when there is an issue. This means that it could be that the sensor connects directly to the ConBee stick instead of going through the power plug, thisbwould also explain why it goes unavqilable fron time to time due to range issues.

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Yes Xiaomi sensors.

Here you can see, that the “Fenster UG Bad” Sensor is connected directly to the ConBee Stick and not over the plug “UG Flur”.
Is it possible to force the sensor to go over the plug UG Bad?
I try it with battery out for 1 hour.

Technically, you can “suggest” a route (you cannot force a Zigbee device to take use a particular repeater) by unpairing it from the stick, then repairing it directly next to the repeater you want it to use. However, there is no guarantee that the device will use the repeater.

Also, as @Burningstone said, Xiaomi sensors are going to do what they want to do and they are REALLY picky about what repeaters they choose to use.

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OK, now I removed the battery and wait about 3 hours. Nothing changed :woozy_face: