Sensor: How to check if there is power or not (Low Tech Ajax Systems Alarm integration)

Here’s the thing. There is no official API that I can use as of today to let home assistant know if my Ajax Systems home alarm is turned on or off so i’m stuck with a low tech solution for now. Ajax sells this wall relay (that i have bought) that you can configure to power on stuff in your home. For instance you could have the wall relay turn on a desk light when you turn on your alarm and leave your house. So I have a main power source right now that I know is reliable. Now I just need to figure out how to monitor the state of this power and get it inside home assistant somehow.

What would be the simplest way to monitor this and get a proper sensor inside home assistant?

I have an idea but i’m not sure if that is a good idea. In my current Z-wave setup at home I have a Qubino Flush dimmer. This dimmer has a binary input. So if I buy a power relay that I let Ajax control that would close the i3 input, I should be able to monitor that I think. I’m not sure where to find the i3 sensory data inside home assistant though. I looked around but I don’t really see any. So maybe I’m wrong with that idea. :slight_smile: