Sensor Initial State Upon Restart of HA

When I restart HA, I have a few Door/Window sensors that show opened, though, they are not. All of my sensors to date have been Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6’s. I ordered an Ecolink Door/Window sensor and set it up in HA to try it out. However, it is doing the very same thing. When HA starts up, it shows as open, even though it is not. I can go open and close the door and it reports normally from there on until I restart again.

This has only recently started too. Within the last few updates. I know for fact that my Aeotec MultiSensor 6’s never reported dead upon restarting of HA either until recently. I can say that with confidence because they sat on my desk for over 6 months, running on batteries so I could test them out and get a feel for how they worked and responded to things. Now, every restart they show dead. Eventually, they will show as communicating with HA and if they don’t, once motion is detected (presumably they wake up then) they report fine until the next restart.

I am tempted to downgrad a couple of versions to do some testing but thought I would post here first and see if I was the only one seeing this or if there was some sort of known issue going on.