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Not sure what your saying here. If light is ON and the scene gets turned ON then the light is ON.

Yes this is correct and how it should work. If you trigger the motion sensor again it will reset the scene adjusting your lights if you change them. Maybe if it is brightness you looking for then use the new update V2.2 (just about to be releases) and don’t use brightness in the automation. You then will have manual control over brightness.

New update 2.2

Fixed a bug in night lights flickering on trigger. :+1:


Blacky :grinning:

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I’m pretty new to HA and I’m changing a lot daily. So no backup. Patience is key here i guess.

Hope to use your great blueprint soon!

@sdeboer84 If you are keen then you can try this.

Find out your “entity ID” you would like to use. Go to, Settings / Devices & Services, click on top tab “Entities”. Find it there.

Open the blueprint, click on 3 dots top right, and “edit in YAML”. You should see something like this.

description: ""
alias: Sensor Light
  path: Blackshome/sensor-light.yaml

For “Lights - Switches - Scenes *” enter from “input” and change your entity_id. I put 3 entities in there for the example (you will need to change them) but add or remove as required.

description: ""
alias: Sensor Light
  path: Blackshome/sensor-light.yaml
        - light.change_to_your_entity
        - switch.change_to_your_entity
        - scene.change_to_your_entity

For “Night Lights” it will be similar, see below

description: ""
alias: Sensor Light
  path: Blackshome/sensor-light.yaml
        - light.change_to_your_entity
        - switch.change_to_your_entity
        - scene.change_to_your_entity
        - light.change_to_your_entity
        - switch.change_to_your_entity
        - scene.change_to_your_entity

Now click 3 dots top right and select “Edit in visual editor”

Hopefully you see your lights now :crossed_fingers:

Fill out the rest.

Not sure if it will work because I don’t know what HA did but be assured the blueprint works.


Thanks, this has been working great.

Could be a dumb question – name of Blueprints suggests that the light triggered by sensor input (that’s my primary usecase indeed) but is there a way to NOT rely on the trigger based on sensor input?

In my 2nd usecase, only trigger to turn off lights can be the elapsed time. So I don’t have anything to fill in the trigger section.

Yes you can but I have another blueprint for this called Entity - Run ON Timer. it is a simple automation that if your turn on a entity manually it will turn OFF after a set time. Maybe this is what you are looking for.

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Thanks for your blueprint, it looks to be the most promising to me.

One question though, is it possible to somehow use an “input_boolean” sensor as a trigger?
ATM we can only select “binary_sensors”.

I am using another automation that outputs its state into a input_boolean sensor and would like to use that as a trigger for your blueprint. Occupancy Blueprint

Any way to transform a boolean sensor to a binary sensor?
Thanks in advance

EDIT: What i dont understand, in the binary sensor documentation article it says this: " Other binary sensors can be created manually using the template integration or using an input boolean helper,".
But my input boolean sensor doesnt show up under the trigger selection from your blueprint.

Thanks for your awesome blueprint. It is possible to add two more features:

  • Guest lights (Here the lights doenst dim or off in some areas of the house)
  • Movie lights (new light settings for light (extra dim)…)

Possibly additional tweaks to Time of Day (Morning, Day, Evening, Night).

This plan is great. I also use it. And by the way, a big thank you. Good job. :slight_smile:

However, I have a suggestion not to expand the plan to the size of a monster.

The function proposed above (light for guests or light for watching TV) can already be implemented based on this plan. Remember that many different automation scenarios can be built on its basis. We do not have to pack everything into one bag. Requests for light will appear in a moment for alarms in the house, water spilling from the bathtub or the light blinking when the coffee has been brewed :slight_smile: Please don’t spoil a great plan like this.

We can, for example, create a “Home Mode” helper with “Guests”, “Relax” and other options and, based on them, run appropriate automation for lights.

If Home Mode Guests, turn on automation Light for guests in the house.

If the Home Mode is set to Relax (watching TV), turn on the Light for relaxation automation.

Turning on one automation of the lights naturally disables the previously active automation. So there would be no conflicts.

So much from my side. Thanks again for a very good automation plan. And please take my suggestion into consideration.

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I will PM you.

We will think about your suggestions and thanks for your input. :+1:

I would suggest you have 2 automations and use the time option. One for Morning - Day and another one for Evening - Night).

Thank you for your hard work on this amazing Blueprint! I would like to display the amount of time left on the timer in a card on my interface. I know when you create a separate timer helper it is possible, can you use helper timers with this blueprint?

Thanks for your kind words :+1: Glad you like it.

Currently you just use the slider for the time delay.

Is there a way to display the time remaining from this timer on a frontend card?

@Underfunded There must be as HA would have to know the “delay” time :thinking:

Maybe as a work around… think out loud. If you can create a separate time helper to display the time left and you know how to do this, then would it be possible to create one for your “Trigger Sensor” used in the blueprint, then work it so when the trigger goes from “ON” to “OFF” it then starts a time delay… setting the same time as used in the “Time Delay” in the blueprint, then display that timer helper time in a card? It is a bit of a hack, but it just may be a way that works for you.

@Blacky you are a legend ! found this blueprint and has saved me hours. Thanks so much !
One quick question, as I’m using camera sensors for triggers, is there a way to set a delay ? i.e it detected motion for 3 seconds. As every bug flies past, it lights up the place like a Christmas tree :smile:
Thanks again

@ausratty Hi ausratty, first welcome to the community.

Thanks for your kind words, glad you like it.

Yea you can. One way is to add a binary sensor (see below). You will then need to add this into your “configuration.yaml” file. Restart required after adding it.

Disclaimer I didn’t test this :crossed_fingers:

your_camera_name_here = the new id of the new sensor. Change as you like
Your Friendly Camera Name Here = change as you like
binary_sensor.your_camera_motion_sensor_here = this is the camera sensor you are using now. Replace it with your one.

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'Your Friendly Camera Name Here'
        device_class: motion
        icon_template: mdi:cctv
        value_template: >
          {{ is_state('binary_sensor.your_camera_motion_sensor_here','on')}}
          seconds: 3

Then add this sensor to your trigger sensor in the blueprint.

A better way would to be to adjust your camera settings to stop the false triggers. Maybe a camera that detects humans and or cars. Turret cameras… I have found to be 100% better than domes outside.

Hope this helps you.

Awesome thanks mate ! Appreciate your help. I’m using unifi G4’s just where I need to fire the lights it doesn’t pickup “humans” quick enough. So this should fix the issue :smile: Thanks again ! Will keep a close eye on this.

@ausratty No problem at all. Let us know how this goes as I am interested in using cameras as the trigger.

HA Release 2023.1.4 Update

There was a bug in “Home Assistant 2023.1.0 to 2023.1.2” effecting our blueprint. This prevented you from being able to select the light targets saying “nothing found” when trying to select one.

I reported the issue to HA and can now report that Home Assistant has resolved this in the latest release of 2023.1.4. :partying_face:

Thanks again for your patiences and to all the team at Home Assistant for all your hard work :+1:. It’s why I believe it’s the #1 home automation of choice.

Blacky :grinning: