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I do the following. and some parts of this is some personal preference. In the morning its just cool white to give a little more energie to the morgings. From midday and the rest i use the solar altitudePercent that i have from a node-red module and i remap the -80 to 60 altitudePercent to the kelvin values 2000 to 5500. doing this the light slowly progressen to a warmer light the further the evening progresses.

I really love this behaviour.

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hehe thanks, I have seen it and very sceptical:P But I can give it a try. How about if the door stays open? Will the light be on forever?


  1. Step in the room and lights on.
  2. leaving the room and left the door open
  3. leaving the house(Turn off all lights)
  4. coming home and going to the room again(with door still open)

And how is it if the room has any type of input like humidity or TV on, that deactived the automation?

Let’s say I use the nightlights option to have soft lights at night (e.g. next to the house door). However, if I come in at night or want to leave the house I need the full brightnesss. Is there some kind of “bypass nightlight” option so that it uses the day light brightness on requests? (e.g. by pushing a switch/button)


Thanks for the information. I will put it on the list.

Blacky :smiley:


You have to set it up correctly, but no :honeybee: Bee In The Hive Sensor :honeybee: works when the door is closed an motion is detected. If the door is open the just you motion sensor is in use. But make sure you group them together.

Not sure what you are tying to say.

Blacky :grinning:


The best way would be to use the state option in night lights. Then create a toggle helper. The toggle helper must be ON at all time except when you would like to change the lights to 100%. Then you must also use another night light condition.

Then select “If lights are ON, adjust the lights when crossing over”

If you would like the toggle helper to automaticity come back ON when you turn it OFF, use this blueprint :hourglass_flowing_sand: Entity - Run ON Timer if you are unsure how to do this. You can have it OFF for X amount of time for when you leave or enter to then return to night light mode if all night light conditions are met. In the “Entity - Run ON Timer” Select OFF state option for the trigger and enter the time you would like.

Now when you turn the toggle helper OFF it will go to normal lights. If you used “Entity - Run ON Timer” blueprint the toggle helper will be turn back ON in X amount of time and resume night lights mode. When your other night lights condition is false then normal mode will be activated.

Hope this helps, and let us know how you go.

Blacky :smiley:

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Yes, I had something like that in mind. However it would be implemented.
It’s strange that no one has thought of such a feature to record the current lighting settings, because I think it could be very useful for this particular type of occupancy-based lighting control.


This is all possible and you will see this type of feature in my :infinity: Sensor Light Add On . It is called “Snapshot”.

Like @spartan suggested, what you can do is create a small automation that will create a snapshot of your light settings. What I would do is every time your motion sensor goes OFF and your light are ON you create a snapshot. This is a nice trigger to use just before your lights turn OFF. This snapshot will create a scene and once created update the scene as per your instructions. Then use that scene in this automation and you will achieve what you are trying to do.

I not sure why you would like to do this but hay it is HA and you can do anything you like.

If you are not sure how to do this then maybe create a post (separate topic) and ask;

Q: How do I create an automation that will create a snapshot scene of my selected lights when my motion sensor goes OFF and only when the lights are ON?

There are heaps of community members that will help you do this.

Hope this helps you.

Blacky :smiley:

I try first the bypass option, I have a helper for the huminity.
And have the option enable the bypass turn lights on and auto off with delay off 15 minutes.
The bypass will only start when when the lights are on trigger by the moving sensor ?


Really love the auomation, amazing work, the amount of options is crazy! I was super happy I found this.

I was wondering if you could add script support (for turning lights on, maybe even off). I am currently trying to hack it in, but would love for it to be supported officially ^^

I have a script to turn on my lights.

And if somebody wants to know why a script and not a scene:

  • I have scenes for different rooms and daytimes/occasions <area>_<daytime>.
  • I have one input_select per room, which lets me set the scene I want (day, evening, night, party, etc.).
  • My script reads the current input_select value and chooses the appropriate scene to activate

Oooh! I like the sound of that!!
It sounds very much like what I want to achieve and have been discussing with Blacky.
Can you share more details?

I can do better than details

I think I just managed to get it going

I basically just made 3 changes:

  1. Allowed scripts to be listed
  2. Extracted the script_entities from the list
  3. run script.turn_on with the script_entities

See the changes HERE

One would have to update the descriptions to add “scripts” to them, as well as do the same for the OFF action

Thanks Nils.
Hopefully Blacky can integrate your idea into his main tree.

Could you share an example of your script so we can see how you process the input select?

No the by-pass can be turned on at any time you decide to turn it on.

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Thanks for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like your use case for scrips. I will officially add this to the blueprint and will be out soon once I complete the code and all the QA testing.

Blacky :smiley:

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Ah okay, now i look at your other options :slight_smile:
i think the ligth turn on when i am moving, than the bypass turn on, and after 15 minute it will turn off. :slight_smile:
When i take the Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan automation,
How can I prevent the light from switching on during the day when it is bright enough?

Hi Blacky, I’ve been happily using your sensor light blueprint, thank you for you continued support and development to make this even more workable for different usecases!
I was wondering if we can add a number helper entity for the time delay option. Normally I’m very happy with 3 minutes motion inactivity to dim the lights in our kitchen but if we are cooking its dimming to fast :smile: .
If we can also have an entity beside the delay slider I can create an automation to set the delay at 10 minutes between 17:00 and 17:45 when we are cooking

This is my full set up of the bathroom exhaust blueprint.

Q: Can you show us your full set up?

A: Sure… check this post out Click Here

Blacky :smiley:


No problem at all, your welcome.

Thanks for sharing what you are trying to do :+1: Maybe consider this option;

You are going in the UI to adjust something and then you need to go back into the UI to adjust it back. What you can do is create a by-pass, so when your are cooking you turn it ON in the UI. Then have the by-pass auto OFF in X amount of time. One press to keep your lights on while cooking and automaticity turn OFF the by-pass then the automation will evaluate the site conditions and :crossed_fingers: do the correct action. You can also have a button or a tag you put your phone against to activate the by-pass and turns your by-pass ON. :wink:

Let us know if this works for you.

Yes you can do this. So have a trigger between 17:00 and 17:45 if the light is ON. But maybe a the above will work for you.

Blacky :smiley:

Love the blueprint. I wonder if it’d be possible to add the “wasp in the room” principle.

I’d love to use this setup for my bathroom but the lights turn off if you sit on the toilet or get in the shower and the motion sensors can’t see you.