Sensor to detect if car is in the driveway - ZWave or Wifi

As per the title, I’m looking for a sensor to detect if a car is in the driveway.
I’ve been looking at distance or break beam sensor. but neither seem to have popular options.
Ideally, it would be a ZWave or wifi device?

I like to use camera’s for this but perhaps this will help

When you say you use cameras - do you just have a camera feed in your dashboard? Or some sensor setup to notify you on change of image, etc?

I use a Bluetooth iBeacon tag in one of the always powered USB ports in my car and an EspHome Bluetooth proxy in a closet close to where I usually park…

The car is approximately 15m from the BT proxy location. Seems to pick the car up at the foot of the driveway - about 25m

I use platerecognizer to detect vehicles in my drive, I have just got some cheap battery powered ibeacons from AliExpress and they seem to work ok as well

Yes, I created a camera view in Blue Iris, and using BI AI to send an MQTT message when conditions are met. HA listens to the topics.

I assumed your requirement was to detect any vehicle, but if you’re just trying to detect your own vehicles then I believe @NathanCu suggestion would work perfectly.

Thanks for the tips everyone.
I’ve not played around with any of the image recognition capabilities - sounds like it’s time to have a go!