Sensor to indicate if newer version closes known security vulnerability

Feature request to extend Version - Home Assistant s.t. that it also discloses if a newer version has closed a known security vulnerability. I suspect this would be a true/false flag. It would have to compare the current installed version against the latest available and check any in-between for some security flag on the release.

I have the “home assistant website” option for this sensor enabled, and some scripts that notify me if a new version is available – which is pretty neat. However, I haven’t found this very useful. HA has lots of updates - and I don’t always want to install them (HA works great 99.9% of the time!!), so I find this a bit noisy. Honestly, noisy to the point where I ignore them and will probably disable this alert soon.

That said, I would definitely go out of my way if there was a vulnerability and I got an alert for that.