Sensor Truncating Text

Just upgraded from 63.3 to 64.3 and was wondering if a recent fix introduced a new bug?
I had a Weather Summary field that use to expand and shrink depending on the length of the field, after the update it is 1 line long and truncates the text.

it use to show: Summary 16.9° Clear - Clear
throughout the day.

it now shows: Summary 16.9° Clear - Clear throug

In the release notes for 64.1 I see “Frontend: Don’t put unit of sensor on new line (@NovapaX)” and was wondering if this change is causing the truncation for me?

yes, it probably does if your sensor has a ‘unit_of_measurement’ defined.

I had that defined but set to null value…Commenting that line out fixed my text, thanks

- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: "sendOut/DarkSky/Summary"
  name: "Summary"
  #unit_of_measurement: ''
  value_template: '{{ value_json.Summary }}'
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