Sensor value yesterday, 2 days ago and 3 days ago

I can get these with an ApexChart (column) using a sensor for daily consumption… but I want to have a simple card (I wanted to use the “button-card”).
The problem is that I have a sensor for the daily value.

If I use a statistics card, I get the info, because the code is the following and using the offset (-1, -2, -3) I get the values.

  • But the statistics card is not configurable… eg I can set the font size etc
type: statistic
entity: sensor.from_netz_daily
    period: day
    offset: -1
stat_type: change

I thought about the statistics platform… using the code below…

  • but this allows me for yesterday and I have no way to get the values for the “day before yesterday” since if I specify 2 days I cant say it should return only the 2 days ago…
- platform: statistics
  name: "From Netz 1 day ago"
  entity_id: sensor.from_netz_daily
  state_characteristic: value_max
    days: 1

Any help please?