SensorPush is there a way to get temp from cloud?


Running HA
Core: 2024.2.2
Frontend: 20240207.1

I’ve been running HA for some time now and am pretty familiar with it.

I recently purchased SensorPush Gateway G1 and Sensor HT.w

I’ve joined the sensor to the gateway and readings work as expected via their cloud and their SensorPush app.

I am trying to get the temperature value into HA

Is there an integration or method to poll the data from their cloud instance?

When I install the SensorPush integration all I get is "No devices found on the network”. I suspect this may be because it’s wanting to see them via bluetooth (BLE)

My goal is to use the data in the cloud and not local BLE. I see that they have an API but I can’t seem to find an integration or method that uses their API to get the data from the cloud vs locally.

Is it possible to get the data directly from SensorPush cloud vs locally? If so I’d appreciated being pointed in the right direction.

Any input greatly appreciated.