Sensors are shown on Zigbee2MQTT but not mapped on Homeassistant

I have a Zigbee TS0601_din_1 that on Z2M shows all sensors:

switch (state), ac_frequency, energy, power, power_factor, voltage, current, produced_energy, linkquality

The problem is that only energy, power and produces energy is mapped on Homeassistant as a sensor.

How can i create a sensor to grab the info that is shown on Zigbee2mqtt?

Did you check in MQTT integration for particular device for disabled entities?

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On Zigbee2 MQTT i have the following:

On Z2M i see all with the correcte values, but i cant understand why i dont have the sensors on HA.

on HA i have the following:

Translation: Sensores → Sensors
+ 5 entidades escondidas → +5 hidden entities

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My guess is those are the entities you’re looking for.

Yes, but it doesn’t show any values if i click it:

You need to enable the sensors in HA. Click on the entitiy->Settings->Advanced Settings->Enabled.


Thanks a lot @jerrm it worked lika a charm :slight_smile: