Sensors conflicting

I have two sensors that seems to conflict:

The sensors:
Rejseplanen -
Plex_recently_added -

Whenever I add Rejseplanen, I loose the entity on Plex_recently_added.
Removing Rejseplanen gives my the entire on Plex_recently_added back

Anyone else had a problem like that?

Show us the config of your sensors.
I assume you configured them

  - platform: rejseplanen

  - platform: plex_recently_added


Here are my configs:


  • platform: plex_recently_added
    name: Film
    token: My Plex token
    port: 32400


  • platform: rejseplanen
    name: Skaevinge
    stop_id: ‘008601733’

That is not valid.

Remove the second “sensor” line

It’s a list of sensors under a single sensor heading.

That makes so much sense - wow fundamentals I hadn’t got right, so logical. Now it works.

Thank you so much