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Sensors not getting added from Tellstick


I have a Telldus Duo connected to my Raspberry PI with HA.
It all works when it comes to the switches that I add in the Telldus-config and if I run a service call:
hassio.addon_stdin with:

I get response with all the sensors (only some listed below):

type=sensor protocol=fineoffset model=temperature id=115 temperature=-204.7 time=2019-05-15 06:39:40 age=89172
type=sensor protocol=fineoffset model=temperature id=42 temperature=-102.3 time=2019-05-13 19:45:02 age=214850
type=sensor protocol=fineoffset model=temperature id=178 temperature=-204.7 time=2019-05-15 09:19:41 age=79571

The problem is that they are not added so that I can use them in HA. I can not see them in dev-state or in unused-entities.

Can anyone understand why I get this problem?

In the yaml config I have the following:


  • platform: tellstick
    • id: 196
      name: TestSensor