Sensors not updating properly after latest App release

I guess a picture tells a thousand words …


Even I don’t let my phone ring for THAT long :slight_smile:

App claims the phone is idle. I have restarted HA and my phone … still stuck!!!

check the companion app logs for errors, I am not seeing that on my pixel 6 pro.

Cleared it by calling my voicemail … something not quite right there. It’s worked perfectly for 2 years (the state silences music if it’s playing during phone calls)

I will try and replicate tomorrow and get the logs.

Pixel 3

in terms of the app nothing has changed in how the phone state is read, we have been using this API along with the same phone intents.

if the state still reads that even after a restart then its possible thats just the value being sent to the app when we look at the API data. Anytime any sensor is updated we also check the state of this API to see if it has changed.

Edit: this is the intent we use to detect state changes: TelephonyManager  |  Android Developers

Yeah - the odd thing was the app showed “idle” in the sensors but HA showed “ringing”. Every other sensor for the phone was updating (charge level, charge type, location etc.). The only other odd thing is the TTS switching - maybe Google are doing an Apple and making their older phones act up - I note I had an update recently which was odd because Pixel 3 is out of the update window now.

I guess it’s time to upgrade (or switch back to my trusty Pixel 2!!!)

yea I can’t speak for that, I normally upgrade once a year and give the wife my “hand me down” phone lol

If the app shows a different state than what HA has I would expect to see an error in either HA core or the companion app logs. With that said we do keep track of the last sent state so we can update HA in the event it fails from our side. If you don’t see either you can always enable debug logging for the mobile_app integration and then you can see the data for all of the webhooks we send back.