Sensors to same raspberry where is installed?


This might be newb question but i just couldnt find any info how to do it.

So i have Raspberry pi2 where my is installed.
I already got some sensors that are at nodemcu board and working.

My question is can i add just sensors straight to same raspberry?

I got some spare Mini Pir sensors (Model: AM312) that i could use close to my Raspberry.
(Hope linking is allowed but this kind of sensor:

Anyone has pointers where to search information how to connect it or do i need something in between those devices.

A good starting place is to search this forum for your question. It looks like MQTT or HTTP is the easiest.

Yes i have one Nodemcu and it has 4 different sensors (Used BRUH Automation video as guide).
Its working like it should be.

My question was to just use that one sensor straight to raspberry pi. Is that even possible? The very same raspb where this whole is installed.

  • edit and i mean i could use sensor near my raspberry and not to waste 1 more nodemcu. -

Do you mean this?

But they are asking about HASS.IO. Does HASS.IO expose all the GPIO pins to the docker containers? Docker is a bit different than just a normal HASS install.