Sensors update


The sensors are only updated when the app is open. When do they put the update option in the background? Or is there already a way to update without opening the app? I really need this option.

Thank you.

Which sensors? What integration are they using. That’s not a lot to go on.

HA runs in the background and logs state changes immediately as they come in regardless what your companion app is doing. The companion app sends it’s own sensor data back to HA depending on how you’re setup. So I’m not exactly sure what sensor data you want updates for.

Also… what device is the app running on? If it’s a mobile phone there may be issues around battery saving, particularly if it’s Android.

Check the topic category, iOS.

Ah… Not reading the post properly. Again. :roll_eyes: The troubleshooting link is still valid, though.

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I also am experiencing this issue… mine stopped working a few days ago. Prior, my sensor from my phone update even if the phone (Pixel 7 Pro) was active or not.

See my post. Tell me if you see the same error re-opening your app after the phone has been sitting for awhile: Error writing to log when after waking up Phone

Sorry for the very very late response.
I’m referring to the sensors that the app provides, such as battery, battery status (whether it’s charging or not), wifi, etc.
Thank you in advance for the answers you have given.

Hi, did you figure this out @Filipe_Leite ? :slight_smile: I’m wondering the same

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