Sensus Stratus IQ smart meter just installed. Can I get data from it?

My utility just installed a smart meter, it seems like it might use Zigbee. Can I get data from it? When I asked the customer service person they said they didn’t have a customer facing API where I could get data.

Sensus Stratus IQ - B02G1300000 contains model IDTB005 FFC ID SDBIDTB005

Generally the utility company has to program the meter to permit anything to connect to it. I have the Emporia Vue Utility Connect, which I had to register with my utility to connect and download usage data. You can check the list of supported utilities to see if yours is compatible.

Note this device uploads your data to their cloud and requires a HACS integration to download into Home Assistant. For those preferring things fully local it should be possible to replace the firmware with custom ESPhome build.