Sentense Trigger is missing

Edit: this might have been solved by updating to 2023.7.2. Not sure. I didn’t see anything in the release notes about it.

I’ve updated to 2023.7.1 now, and I don’t see the Sentence Trigger option in the drop-down. I don’t see Persistent Notification either. I’m not sure what I could have done wrong. Shouldn’t it automatically show up? I do still have an old automations.yaml file if that makes a difference. I was able to add the trigger in yaml mode in the gui editor and tested it and it works. Not a big deal, but I thought it was pretty weird.

Have they ever been in the drop-down? I’m still on 2023.6 and I don’t see them.

@Stiltjack — you won’t see it in 2023.6, as it was introduced in 2023.7.

@thefarelkid — are you certain that your update has worked and it’s not pending a frontend update? I see them:


Sorry - misunderstood the question.

And today it showed up… Thanks to everyone who tried to help. This one may remain a mystery.