Separate HAOS instances for Zigbee

My main HA install is on a VM in the basement. I’m just starting to setup my zigbee network and plan to use a Pi1 just for zigbee on the main floor.

At the moment I’ve installed Zigbee2MQTT on Raspbian lite, which works fine. However everytime I’ve setup something like this over time with updates it always breaks in some way causing me to start over.

I really like HAOS as it’s simple and easy to maintain, so what I’m thinking of doing is installing HAOS on the Pi1 and then just install the Zigbee2MQTT addon and nothing else.

MQTT broker is already setup on my VM.

Would this cause any problems, especially since it is a Pi1?

The last version of HA OS on the Pi1 was 6.6. I think the current version of HA OS is 7.7

Did you install Zigbee2mqtt using npm or in a python venv ?

Otherwise, you could go the docker route.

Just the Linux install Here, ah thought i could just use the latest image. What about Pi2?

I’m not to versed on Docker and seems way more work to get it setup.

HA OS for Pi2 is 7.7

I used this kind of install on a Pi1 from Zigbee2mqtt version 1.3 to version 1.20, never had any problems. Still using that kind of install, but now on a Pi4 (and backup on a Pi2)

this kind of install as in HA OS running Z2M?

No, a bare metal install using nodejs/npm

Good to know, since it’s a Pi1 I’m just going to use it only for Z2M.