Separating home assistant on a different vlan

Hi I run home assistant on a raspberry pi mostly to automate some yeelight smart bulbs and a Xiaomi gateway 3 (using alexxit GitHub home assistant add-on) with child devices. I plan to move the home assistant and all IoT devices to a seperate vlan from my laptop and phone for security purposes.

I’m a networking newbie so wanted to ask, will this break any of my automations or functionality? I assumed it wouldn’t matter as long as home assistant and the IoT devices are on the same VLAN. I also assume I’ll have to put in a rule to allow me to access the web GUI for home assistant as well (perhaps only allowing port 8123). Any other rules I might need to setup? Thanks in advance

Do a lot of reading

Yes it can be done

but you have made rules up in your router to point home assistant both vlan

think off the top of my head the @TheHookUp did a youtube video on it a couple of years ago

as mentioned it can be done
but its largely depends on the equipment you have

i use cisco accespoints and have 5 diferent ssid each of it on his own vlan sonof, blitzwolf, wiz ligths …
i use a cisco switch where some ports are access ports (cameras …) some trunk ports (accespoints, esxi vms …)
the switch hase limited routing capabilities some ruting is done on it some on an other
cisco router
i am fideling around with it for a few years now and still get suprised every second day

Okay thanks for the advice. I’m expecting lots of problems but it should be a good learning experience