Serial flashing localbytes plug v2

Due to a monumentical mistake regarding creating new unifi networks with an existing router. I have a situation where numerous localbytes plugs are no longer accessible or usable in Home Assistant. Resets have failed to make these available so I may need to serial flash these to get tasmota installed and, possibly later, replace this firmware with esphome. The initial serial flash is completely new to me. I opened up a plug, hoping to identify the board or the actual pins I needed to use (I believe these are rx, tx. 3v3, gnd and gpio0).

However, I could not identify these or find a matching pinout diagram on line.

I would rather not have to purchase dozens of replacement plugs so would at least like to attempt with one plug to see if this is feasible.

I have attached an image in the hope ot will be helpful.

Ps: I have the same issue with Athom plugs and may need advice on these too but I should try LocalBytes first

My picture was useless as the logic board is soldered vertically.

Having taken some photos of this board, I have found out where the pins are:

Using these images, I found some details on the Web of the pins:

I may give this a go but not great at delicate work. Shaky hands not a positive in this situation!