Serial terminal on Raspberry Pi 3 standard install?

I’m getting started with the standard installation on a Raspberry Pi 3 - I currently have HassOS 3.13 - and I want to integrate an energy meter which I have connected to a USB-serial converter.

As a first step I’d like to confirm that I can see data arriving at the serial port (the meter sends a regular string of data without having to request it) but I can’t find any terminal program that I can use from the Home Assistant terminal - screen, minicom, picocom, putty and cu all give command not found.

Can I just install one of these with sudo apt-get install, or is there a special way of doing things on Home Assistant, or something I’ve missed?

If you’re using HassOS, then no. Is using something like Raspbian then yes.

Thanks. I am using HassOS.

So is there no way to check what’s arriving at the serial port (apart from connecting the device to a different computer)?

I’m afraid I don’t use HassOS anymore, I use Raspian, so even if there is a way I’m not sure what it is on HassOS.

However most people on this forum should be using HassOS so hopefully one of them should be able to help you out :slight_smile: