Server Control missing?


Home Assistant Core 2022.5.3

Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.1

Home Assistant OS 7.6

Kernel version 5.10.108

Agent version 1.2.1

it was still their the other week but last-nights update its gone ?

Did you read the 2022.05 release notes??? :roll_eyes:

I did, but could not find a single option that I used to use
where are the individual reload options now ?

all I can find is restart , that shuts down the entire system

Developer Tools | yaml

Quotes from the 2022.05 release notes:

“YAML configuration tools have a new home in the developer tools, a more logical place for YAML configuration checks and reloading.”

“Additionally, the developers tools has a brand new YAML tab, which contains the buttons and tools to reload and check your YAML configuration. This was previously known as “Server Controls”, but now moved to the developer tools.”