Server Crashed and is in Error State

First off I’m a donkey and didn’t get any full backups before the crash. Didn’t understand that the backups I saw happening were partial :roll_eyes:

Long story short, the windows 10 os drive that the HA VM (virtual box) resides on went bad, but I was able to clone it to another SSD. I replaced the cable to a non-right angle cable and it ended up being a bad cable that caused windows to crash and the vm along with it. I got the cable figured out and replaced but my HA server is in a bad way.

The web interface just says “unable to connect to home assistant” so I can’t do anything via the web interface. The CLI looks ok but when I try to restart core it tells me to check the supervisor and the supervisor logs show:

Core check is successful, but restarting it fails and points me at the sup logs.

An assistant is appreciated.

EDIT: Poking around more I found others with the same issue and they indicated the core.config file could have entries in it to disable to figure out if something is causing the crash. But when I inspect that directory I see some corrupted files. These files appear the same as the regular core.config file when using vi.

adding the image here because I couldn’t upload it to my original post.

First get a copy of your config folder, including hidden folders, and put that to the side for safe keeping.

You can keep troubleshooting or just rebuild HA separatly. Get that running in default state. After you have running default, replace default config folder with your config.

I didn’t read through the error to determine cause so you may be recoverable from current state. I’m only giving process to restore in case you can’t solve error.