Server loses network configuration

Brand new Home Assistant user here. I’ve got HAOS installed on an old Surface Pro that I had (everything works but the touch screen). I’m testing things out using WiFi but to get the Surface on a wired connection will cost me about $100. So, I don’t want to do it until I know Home Assistant is going to work for me.
This is the command I used to get WiFi connected:
network update --wifi-auth wpa-psk --wifi-ssid --wifi-psk --ipv4-method auto

Everything works for a few minutes. After that, the wifi configuration is gone and I have to restart the server. Attached is a photo of two network info commands 5 minutes apart.

Don’t know what to do from here. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve never heard of HA running on a Surface Pro before, so not sure what kind of NIC card it has in it. But, it sounds like the driver is failing for some reason. Without log files, it’s really hard to diagnose. You should be able to pull up the log files and see if there are any errors there (I’m willing to bet there’s a fair amount).

If you’re trying to evaluate if HA works for you, I’d get a Raspberry Pi to try it out and go from there. You’re likely to have a much better experience and will be supported hardware as well.

buy an USB-Network adapter for 30buck

or install a slimmed Debian, and install HAOS in VM

But in the end As code-in-progress advice, buy or get a cheap Device with Ethernet, you wont by any means be able to decide if HA is something for you, in a few days, nor weeks, and specially not, if you already start with network-problems.
A Server is not aimed for wifi Device, A HomeAutomation system( with +2 dozen wifi device and same amount of Zigbee , definitely not )
Depending upon your previous experience/knowledge, and your current network you are on a path where you would “blame” Homeassistant for all connectivity , latency and what ever problems you will be facing

Then you might as well install HAOS in a VM on your Windows/Linux PC or laptop, HAOS only needs 2 Cores and 2 GB ram, and 32-40 GB disk space

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I need a power supply…

A Rasberry costs money. Not going there until I know what I’m in for …

Where are the log files and how would I look at them? Remember, the browser interface only works for a short time.

As far as Wifi goes…I agree that WiFi is not good for servers. However, a server that cannot support wifi with 1 client is not a good server. My one client is a Roku stick. So, no $$$.

HAOS, with ROKU will work to your satisfaction (it’s Supported) , either install in a VM and test, You wont regret, And in next month you’ll be here on the forum, asking advice for your new( and other current) Devices, and features in HA
Believe me People tried your “path” others with old 32bits laptops etc etc., They/we are still here, thou with appropriate device/equipment

Not that i know whether these are supported in a barebone HAOS on Surface Pro


True, but you’re also trying to determine if something works for you in a very unsupported configuration and I’ve seen people run HA in some very, um, odd, configurations (including running the entire HA server (written in Python) on an Android phone). :rofl:

The command is ha core logs (Common tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant)

Again, you’re running HA on unsupported hardware. It’s not that the server can’t support WiFi (it absolutely can on supported hardware), but that the driver is probably not completely compatible with whatever NIC is in the Surface Pro.


‘Home Assistant can be repurposed and installed on various hardware, such as an Odroid or a generic x86-64 machine.’

A surface is nothing more than a generic x86-64 machine.

Ahhhh, gotcha. Like I said, I have never seen anyone run it on a Surface. So, I didn’t know the architecture. I’ve actually never even seen a Surface out in the wild… soooo, yeah. Sorry about that.

Alright, so with that out of the way, post up some logs so we might be able to figure out where the driver is dying (IF it’s dying at all).

log files have a lot of upnp errors. It’s always ‘network unreachable.’ I’ve got upnp turned off in my router. I’ll turn it on and try again…that seems to be a security issue.

The browser interface doesn’t seem to download the whole log file…just the errors.
I’m not allowed to upload a log file…here’s the contents.

2024-04-15 19:01:45.822 WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.util] The system could not validate that the sqlite3 database at //config/home-assistant_v2.db was shutdown cleanly
2024-04-15 19:02:03.031 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.roku.coordinator] Error fetching roku data: Invalid response from API: Timeout occurred while connecting to device

So, after enabling UPNP in my router, the server has been up for 26 minutes…that’s a record.

Is UPNP required? I’m uncomfortable leaving it enabled.

DNS log is full of entries like this:
[INFO] - 27354 “PTR IN udp 55 true 2048” - - 0 22.365304869s
[INFO] - 65185 “PTR IN udp 55 true 2048” - - 0 22.365815681s
[ERROR] plugin/errors: 2 PTR: dial tcp i/o timeout
[ERROR] plugin/errors: 2 PTR: dial tcp i/o timeout

Network died again. This was in the log.

That is not how you configure network settings on HAOS. This is:

Settings → System → Network, pick your adaptor.

Settings is a folder? How do you access it? What UI allows picking an adapter? All I had was the CLI.

Get it working with the CLI then Quickly:

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So, I’m my Surface now has a wired connection and the network seems stable.

Thanks everyone for your help.