Server on another network, on local network dlna, etc. setup


My home assistant runs at home, and controls the local things well.
I have an another home, there are few units which are connected to my home hass server, some uses mqtt some uses esphome api, works.

But, in the “another home” i have dlna server as well, printers, and few more things which needs to be connected locally… VPN seems a good solution but what if i font want to make vpn connection ?
Is there any way to detect for example a DLNA media server which is on another network ?

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I wanted to avoid route almost the whole traffic. Luckily the chepest/slowest internet here is 1000/300Mbps, so the connection is fast enough but i’m looking for a good solution.

its possible to “forward” bonjour, just create an avahi service on a linux computer – which is on the local network-- which points to the another computer on internet and on the another firewall open the necessary port which points to the real server, for example my audio forwarder works this way all units (airplay amplifer, etc, believe that the server runs locally), but i think, open a separate port for everything is seems to be a security hole.

That is why i’m looking for a better and possibly safer solution.

Most integrations can handle a manual configuration, so you do not have to rely on discovery features, like SSDP, uPNP and mDNS

Finally i sat up ssh tunnel for each “unit”, and made it discoverable using avahi if its necessary to be seen both networks, when its not necessary a manual config was made… Its working fine.