Servers timing out on startup after Pi -> NUC migration


I have recently migrated from a Pi4 to a NUC. After installing HA on the NUC I restored a full backup from the Pi. My devices and dashboards are fine and seem to be operating as expected. However, several of my add-ons are no longer starting up. When I try to start them HA spins for a while and then puts a timeout message into the supervisor log:

2024-03-29 13:49:28.757 INFO (MainThread) [supervisor.docker.addon] Starting Docker add-on with version 5.15.0
2024-03-29 13:51:28.760 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.addon] Timeout while waiting for addon Studio Code Server to start, took more than 120 seconds

I am seeing this with the Studio Code Server, Matter, and Google Drive Backup add-ons.

I have tried installing and re-installing the add-ons with no improvement. Many reboots - no improvement.

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this or what the problem might be?



Reboot does not help, power off your nuc, and start it again.

That did it - Thank you!