Service call button widgets keep corrupting

I have virtual alexa bulbs defined so that Alexa can communicate with HA (by setting different brightness levels), works really well. I am now trying to use this setup to trigger stuff direct from my phone. I find that trying to trigger alexa routines from my phone by voice is really hit and miss, so I am trying to use an HA service call widget to trigger an HA automation instead (for example, a button to open my garage door when I get home). I can set up a button widget to turn on my virtual light at a certain brightness, and it works perfectly triggering the automation, but then at some indeterminate subsequent point, maybe minutes or days, the widget config gets the percent and entity values copied to other fields in the config, which obviously stops the call working properly. I can go in and edit it, and save it, and it will work again, but then stops working later, and when I go in, the crap is back. See the pics showing what it should look like, and where the values get copied to where they shouldn’t be.