Service call for "Check Home Assistant configuration" action

Like the idea of the “Check Home Assistant configuration” add-on, but I rarely remember to run it before upgrading. So two requests:

  1. Add a service call to run the add-on’s check, and get back True/False (passed/failed)

If I had that, then I could make an automation like this:
trigger: new HA version
action: run check, then notify me either:

  • “Ready to update to 0.109!” or
  • “HA v0.109 ready, but needs config fixes”
  1. Automatically run the check before performing an upgrade. Helps to lower the learning curve for people using HA, and people (like me) who forget to run the upgrade check. Plus, if the check fails, then the upgrade shouldn’t be performed in the first place. Would help to have a better way to display errors.

This would be very very useful. Several times i forgot to run the check and had to restore home assistant to the previous version, fix config files and rerun the update.

+1 for enduser friendly