Service call light entites from HA

I want to trigger HA light services. esphome compiles my yaml but nothing is happening, i guess the service call is wrong. how does it work?

I have (indentation lost by copy paste):

  • platform: touchscreen
    name: “Red Touch Area”
    id: red_touch_area
    x_min: 160 # Adjust to start from the middle of the screen
    x_max: 320 # Adjust to the screen width
    y_min: 0
    y_max: 240 # Adjust to the screen height
    - homeassistant.service:
    service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: light.essen

Pressing is recogized in the logs but as I said nothing happens. Finally I want to change colors, dim, etc. Is that possible?

Thanks you and cheers

    - homeassistant.service:
        service: "light.turn_off"
          entity_id: "light.essen"

does not work as well :o(

You have to enable service calls now for each esphome device. This was added in a recent update. You need to ho to devices/services - esphome - configure. You gotta check the box to enable service calls.


Thanks, indeed this esp was missing (others registered (strange)! Now it’s working :slight_smile:

Ya, idk why they did this, i assume its for security but if you arent aware of the change it will definitely have you banging your head trying to figure out why service calls wont work.