Service_close invalid option for cover mqtt

Just upgraded to 0.27 and changed garage_door entry to cover. I received the following error:

16-08-28 22:08:22 homeassistant.bootstrap: Invalid config for [cover.mqtt]: [service_close] is an invalid option for [cover.mqtt]. Check: cover.mqtt->service_close.

I can’t find any typo s inmy config, and the same configuration works with garage_door (just changed to cover). The entire snippet from configuration.yaml is:
cover garage_door_1:
platform: mqtt
state_topic: “status/27”
command_topic: “action/27”
name: “Garage door”
optimistic: false
state_open: “OPEN”
state_closed: “CLOSED”
service_open: “OPEN”
service_close: “CLOSE”

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

‘service_close’ is not a valid config parameter as stated in the error message.

Have a look at the docs:

Thanks. I could have sworn the documentation was different last night … :slight_smile:
Sorry for the message chaff.