Service_data with 2 or more values

Is it possible to send 2 consecutive commands in service data?

eg - for a Panasonic remote, using: Panasonic-viera I want to be able to access netflix.
My physical remote has a netflix button, but it doesnt appear in the Panasonic-viera keys, except via apps.

So this demands 2 steps I believe using: apps then netflix
The code below works but only accesses the ‘apps’ menu, then you can manually select netflix.

How can I automate command: apps + netflix?

    type: button
      action: call-service
      service: remote.send_command
        command: apps
        entity_id: remote.55ex640_series
    entity: remote.55ex640_series
    icon: mdi:netflix
      action: none
    name: Netflix
    icon_height: 40px

From Panasonic-Viera:

class Apps(Enum):
    """Contains several app product IDs."""
    netflix = '0010000200000001'
    youtube = '0070000200180001'
class Keys(Enum):
    """Contains all known keys."""
    thirty_second_skip = 'NRC_30S_SKIP-ONOFF'
    toggle_3d = 'NRC_3D-ONOFF'
    apps = 'NRC_APPS-ONOFF'

did you get this working ?